EP 195: Maui In the Fires Wake – Gathering Herbs, Making Medicine and Walking in Grief with Khadija Meghan Rashell Striegel

In this episode, Kimberly and Khadija reflect on their recent mutual aid efforts in the wake of fires in Maui. Khadija shares what she has witnessed in her community and the tremendous impact of donations that have directly reached her neighbors. They reflect on destination travel and the impact of tourism on both the land and the people of Hawaii. Khadija describes what led her to invite Kimberly and Stephen Jenkinson to Reckon on the island this coming November. They wonder together about the ethics of retreats, tourism, and what it means to be an “under-the-scene” worker.

To learn more about Maui Reckoning with Kimberly Ann Johnson and Stephen Jenkinson, hosted by Khadija Striegel, go here. This is a gathering for the Maui ‘ohana.

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Khadija is an herbalist, bonesetter and farmer born, raised, and living in Maui. She’s in graduate school studying Hawaiian language and culture. She has worked to bring Hawaiian bones that are in museums around the world back to Hawaii. Khadija works with a non-profit caring for the native plant gardens at a Heiau, an ancient Hawaiian place of prayer. She offers Lomi Lomi body work to her community, in addition to tinctures and remedies under the title Family Traditions Maui.


What You’ll Hear

  • The variety of extremes that co-exist in Maui – of destination weddings, vacations, and those walking heavy with grief.
  • These fires aren’t an isolated incident. They are part of a broader timeline of things that have taken place on Maui.
  • The donation effort of money and herbs and medicine are no small thing. This community is making an impact.
  • There are still areas of the island that do not have safe water.
  • Opening care packages with kids after a disaster.
  • Development and tourism on the island has directly impacted the land in a way that doesn’t feed the land, water, and people. The fires are inextricably linked to this.
  • Lahaina as a special gathering place, whose streams lack water as a direct result of hotels and vacation homes and visitor rentals
  • Land stewardship is actually simple. An act of love. Loving something not just for ourselves. Loving something by letting it be.
  • The parallels of tourism and addiction. The addiction of going anywhere, doing anything, wherever I want.
  • Retreats in Hawaii. The infrequency of native Hawaiians leading sacred nature experiences?
  • What does it mean to be under-the-scene workers? Not behind-the-scene but under-the-scene?
  • Reckoning in November is to offer something to the residents of Maui.



  • Maui Reckoning, with Kimberly Ann Johnson and Stephen Jenkinson, hosted by Khadija Striegel, for the Maui ‘ohana
  • You are welcome to contribute to the event. Please send your donation via PayPal to Khadija here with the note “Maui Reckoning Donation”.
  • If you would like to send herbs and materials directly to Khadija to support the community in Maui, find Khadija’s letter and list here.
  • You can connect with Khadija via khadija@familytraditionsmaui.com