A Monthlong Dive through the Fourth Trimester and Beyond

Starting Tuesday June 8th

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to raise a mother.

Do you need more support than you’ve ever needed but have less support available to you? 

Are you still healing from your birth, loss, and/or early motherhood experiences and not sure what to do?

Are you committed to living into a new archetype of womanhood and motherhood but confused about what that looks like?

This is that village.

kimberly cece river

Mothering is demanding, revelatory, complex, and redemptive.

We think we are mothering our children; often we are re-mothering ourselves. Our children reflect our nervous systems, and we’re not sure where we end and they begin.

We are living at a time of renegotiation and re-labeling. New archetypes are emerging. What is required of us as women and what we require of ourselves is totally NEW.

Women are finally getting honest about motherhood. There’s space in the culture for this formerly invisible experience. Our safety no longer depends on our perfection and our role-play.

At this time, we can define and redefine motherhood on our own terms. …

and that comes with its own challenges. We can become the mothers that we want to be, but not alone, and not without guides.

Mothering is one of the wildest journeys. Mothering well requires community and the mirroring and witnessing that comes with community.

Otherwise we are constantly depleted taking from our own reserves to feed everyone else.

The last year has brought most of us even more reckonings, more double binds, and more impossible choices.

Somehow we’ve arrived at this place- the middle of 2021. 

We need time and space to metabolize everything we’ve been through, and to gather with like-hearted people who get what it means to be attuned, sensitive and deeply connected to what the earth is communicating. 

This is a chance to join a community of fierce mamas wrestling with many of the same big questions, challenges, struggles and triumphs.

This is a chance to give yourself some true nourishment- some time and space to drop in and be with yourself.

Free Class Replay: MotherRespite

This Experience is For:

kimberly ann johnson teaching
  • Mothers with children of all ages
  • Mothers who want closer community with other mothers
  • Mothers looking to live into a new narrative
  • People who want to redefine motherhood on their own terms
  • Women who want to be mothers
  • Women who mother

What We’ll Turn Towards:

Mothering isn’t a linear journey, and neither is our work here. Our journey will flow depending on the collective energy and needs. I am a circular teacher who teaches with words, dancing, silence, meditation, writing, and somatic exercises. Here are the themes we’ll explore in-depth in our time together.

If you are a bodyworker, therapist, or healer, your ability to understand your own nervous system, as well as decode and allow someone to see their own activation patterns will be a huge boon.









Course Details:

Each week includes a live class, meditations, exercises and discussion on our private Facebook forum.

In this class you will:

Online Course Format:


Tuesdays: 11 am pst | 2 pm est

Thursdays: 7 am pst | 10 am est

Dates: June 8th- July 1st


$297 Regular price

$247 earlybird pricing through SUNDAY June 6th at Midnight PST

*includes lifetime access to future MotherCircle courses


No problem at all. We’ve had hundreds of women take this course, and very few were able to come to each live webinar (and some couldn’t attend any live, because of work and other commitments). The videos in this course are meant to be watched sometime during the week—you’ll get a replay of each video within 24 hours of the live call. You’ll receive information and experiential exercises in each video that you can work with all week. 

The classes will be 60 minutes long, and we’ll give you some experiential exercises and meditations to incorporate into your daily life during the week. All-in-all you’ll be spending about two hours on course material per week (plus whatever you fold into your daily interactions).

Join this community of initiated Mothers


Kimberly Ann Johnson

Author, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kimberly Ann Johnson is the bestselling author of the early mothering classic The Fourth Trimester: Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality published in seven languages around the world. She recently released her latest book Call of The Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, And Use It For Good.  

A sought after practitioner and lead authority in postpartum health, Johnson has been working hands-on in integrative women’s health and trauma recovery for more than a decade. 

Her work has been featured in The New York TimesForbesVogue, New York Magazine’s The CutHarper’s Bazaar, and many more. She is the host of the Sex, Birth and Trauma podcast with over half a million unique downloads.

My Motherhood Journey

August 2007

Me and baby Cece in our Rio de Janeiro apartment where she was born. My biggest dream in life was fulfilled- I was a mother! Her dad was working nights and sleeping days. I knew something wasn’t healing right, but had no idea what to do about it. I was hungry most of the time because I wasn’t able to get to the grocery store and cook. Soon, I was struggling to figure out if I had enough breast milk. Everyone was telling me something different, and I felt totally lost.  I Google “alternative postpartum care”- all that comes up is hundreds of thousands of  postpartum depression entries. I feel depressed, but I know it’s not “me.”

July 2008

Unable to get support and figure out how to understand what was happening to me (why my lower back was in constant pain, fecal incontinence, painful scar tissue in my vagina), I moved back to the US with Cece- to Colorado, where I had lived before Brazil. Didn’t want to “run home to my parents.”

January 2009

Moved home with my parents. I don’t have any pictures of myself at this time. (Guess I wasn’t super accustomed to the selfie yet) I also felt totally lost, too injured to work, not enough money for childcare and the market crash devastated my parents. Cece in my mom’s closet.

May 2009

Divine providence steps in and Sara Avant Stover calls to see if I can teach a yoga teacher training in Thailand that starts in a couple weeks. I say “yes.” We go to stay at Tao Gardens. I meet Lucas Rockwood who becomes my first business coach helping me build a website and attach an email list. Ellen Heed come to teach anatomy and tells me about a postpartum scar tissue research study she’s doing and asks me to be a part of it. The training pays for me to have childcare, and for the first time I can receive bodywork to help me heal. I find Aviva Romm’s book Natural Healing After Birth. I decide to stay for a few months to have help, eat good food and get bodywork, as well as deciding that I need to treat my calling as a career, or I will need to find a career- realizing I will be raising Cece on my own.

2009- 2014

Carried by the audacity of friends (Jenny McLaughlin), I take a risk and rent the floor of a beautiful house and turn the front room into my yoga and bodywork space. We have dance classes, motherblessings, prenatal yoga and community, daylong urban retreats. I make everyone chai and cookies. Cece often comes to deliver the cookies and chant OM to end class.  I travel to SP, Recife, Belo Horizonte. I teach yoga trainings and hold circles about Women’s Sexuality and Spirituality. I help ex-pats find the births they want and help do some medical translation. I lead retreats. I train in Somatic Experiencing. We have a true community and Cece is carried by love of the neighborhood. Our friends are our family. Lots of Carnavals.


June 2014

I need to move out of my home, which is also my office and studio. Cece starts 1st grade and it’s from 1-5:15. She’s spending an hour and a half a day in traffic. It’s expensive and now I have even less time to work. Starts to be clear that I have to leave Rio, and Cece asks to live closer to my family. I turn 40 and move back to the US and live with my parents.


Some former yoga students offer for me to live with them and not pay rent so I can write and see clients- Cece and I live in a grandma flat with no stovetop and a half fridge. I deliver the book and my practice is full. I am late most days to pick up Cece from school. Seeing a 9, 10:30, 12 and 1:30 client.


I make a huge stretch and find Val, a family friend and Brazilian au pair. She arrives to light up our family and give me some much needed support. We take our first vacation that is not attached to work (I do work on the Fourth Trimester cards and teach once a week).

September 2019

We drive from San Diego to Brooklyn in a 22 foot truck. I am single and want to be with other single women and different kinds of families and people from all over the world.

May 2020

2 months into the pandemic starts, Val leaves, I have a book deadline. I come back to San Diego. I think it’ll be for 3 weeks, and realize we’re gonna need to stay where Cece can go to school in person.

June 2021


I’m parenting a teenager now. She’s in a band. She’s writing zines, and she’s decided she doesn’t want to move any more. For now.

A Monthlong dive through the Fourth Trimester and Beyond

I want to live in a world where every single woman is able to tap into her power, transmute her trauma, and live a life of dynamic vital connection with the people around her. A life where love is far more important than labels. Where wildness reigns, and you move moment to moment with the wisdom, grace and strength inherent in your every cell. I want your body to be your partner in pleasure, not an enemy you’re barely on speaking terms with.

-Kimberly Ann Johnson
Call of The Wild: How We Heal Our Trauma, Awaken Our Power and Use it For Good