EP94: Sheila Kamara Hay on Pleasure in Birth and the Importance of Doulas

What She Shares:

  • How the birth of her three children set her on her path
  • Discovering ways to connect to your pleasurable sensations
  • Practicing one minute of self-pleasure as a meditation

 What You’ll Hear:

  • Healing birth trauma and changing the narrative
  • Listening to the body and hearing its message
  • Reclaiming your connection with your body through birth
  • Being present and available for the ecstasy of birth
  • Letting go of the checklist mentality and having a full system experience
  • Opening yourself to pleasure to consciously use it during birth
  • Expanding your capacity to hold energy through mindful self pleasure
  • Integrating trauma as much as possible before birth
  • Working to expand pleasurable sensation in the body
  • Practicing pleasure in a calm and relaxed state so that it is available in charged situations
  • Sourcing energy from a distant source when you feel stuck
  • Doulas as energy holders in birth spaces
  • Taking care of yourself through connection to your body
  • How presence and connecting to Source is helpful in the first 6 weeks of postpartum
  • Knowing that birth workers are as important to moms as moms are to babies
  • Finding ways to build pleasure and support into your system
  • Learning to rest when you need