EP91: Astrology March 2020 Breaking Down Old Systems and Creating Something New with Shannon Aganza

What Shannon Shares:

  • Using astrology to survey time and cycles
  • Why astrologers have been looking towards 2020 for many years
  • What it means to see Jupiter and Saturn come together in Aquarius for the first time in 600 years


What You’ll Hear:

  • Examining planetary transits that have not culminated for hundreds of years
  • Breaking down old structures so that we can build new ones that are suitable for our current society
  • Why the United States is experiencing an even bigger shift than other nations
  • Why Saturn’s time in Capricorn has helped us address outdated systems
  • How Saturn’s transition into Aquarius supports individuals and societies in innovation
  • Expecting introspection and realizations during the next 3 months.
  • Why July 1- Dec 16 will be an important time for productive building
  • Understanding how planets move through the signs by examining the sun’s movement
  • Transitioning from a state of ‘undoing’ to ‘creating’
  • Looking forward to positive things coming as 2020 moves into 2021
  • Why we’re being called to undo old patterns around parenting and relating
  • Using the energy of Cancer to relax and go within during this time of discomfort
  • The various planetary ways we can see that stability is being disrupted physically and energetically
  • Moving into a new economic system
  • Committing the time and focus to come inward so you may soften the transition
  • Using Venus in retrograde this spring to figure out what it is we want
  • Saturn and Jupiter coming together in an air sign is supporting innovation and communication
  • Viewing Mars retrograde in Aries this fall as a productive fever
  • Astrologically moving from solid infrastructure to electrical infrastructure
  • Developing comfort in verbal communication
  • Being creative and deliberate with how you create social structures in an era of increased online presence
  • The north node in Cancer supports us in coming into our authentic inner selves
  • The necessity of being clear in ourselves before we start adding to the collective conversation

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