EP87: Kim Krans, of the Wild Unknown, on Blossoms and Bones: Drawing a Life Back Together

What Kim Shares:

  •     How she used the beauty of imagery to stay in the heaviness of her memoir
  •     How studying archetypes helped her art make sense to herself
  •     Navigating major transitions by being with the tensions
  •     Her experiences with miscarriage


What You’ll Hear:

  •     Examining all the parts of who we are and who we’re expected to be
  •     Feeling the tension of duality without buckling
  •     Allowing a new creative solution to come forth from tension or difficulty
  •     Using your personal practice to get through difficult times
  •     Relating to work that you’ve released into the world
  •     Allowing the true emotional experience to surface
  •     Having space for the rich emotional experiences of life
  •     Tending radical simplification in your life
  •     Titrating your work to promote stabilization of the nervous system
  •     Prioritizing your sense of self over external accomplishment
  •     Resourcing yourself so that you’re able to navigate the tension of duality
  •     Holding yourself through each new phase
  •     Why having a felt container is important in opening
  •     Exploring the line between personal and professional life in the era of social media
  •     Stretching your capacity for joy and connection
  •     Choosing love, sensuality, pleasure, sex, and fun during the conception journey

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