EP83: The Sacred Window, Supporting New Mothers, and Ayurvedic Doulas with Christine Eck

What She Shares:

  •     How her own postpartum story inspired her to learn and teach postpartum care
  •     The history of the school and about its founder, Ysha Oakes
  •     The layout of the Ayurvedic Doula program from the School for Sacred Window Studies

What You’ll Hear:

  •     The lineage of the School for Sacred Window Studies
  •     Preventing postpartum mood disorders with appropriate care for mothers
  •     Why it’s important to have a postpartum care provider who personalizes care
  •     Prioritizing comfort and peace during the fourth trimester
  •     How doula training has expanded outside of DONA certification
  •     Getting clear on the services you provide as a postpartum doula
  •     How having a care provider for a new mom affects the mother-baby relationship and nervous system regulation
  •     Why Ayurvedic postpartum bodywork is helpful in reducing PMADs
  •     Finding your boundaries after birth
  •     The value of hiring a postpartum care provider with training and expertise
  •     Understanding how food can impact a person’s postpartum experience and healing
  •     Taking care of yourself as a postpartum care provider to avoid burnout
  •     Approaching the fourth trimester holistically and not as a form of crisis management
  •     Investing in postpartum support
  •     The professional and social benefits of a group practice
  •     Balancing your personal responsibilities with caring for others as a doula
  •     The potential effects of hiring a doula for just a few hours a week
  •     Moving the cultural dialogue on postpartum through scientific research

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