EP82: Cleo Stiller on Modern Manhood and Examining Gender Dynamics Post #Metoo

Cleo Stiller is a multiple award-winning journalist who is a self-identified “relationship non-expert.” She is obsessed with exploring stories about health, gender, and technology among millenials.  She recently authored the book “Modern Manhood: Complications Conversations on Being a Good Man Today.”

 What She Shares:

  •     Writing a book on manhood as a woman
  •     Untangling socialized gender
  •     The process of interviewing men anonymously post #metoo on how they really feel


What You’ll Hear:

  •     Bringing conversations around sexuality and consent out into the open
  •     Making room for nuance in complicated topics
  •     Understanding that we all are learning about sex and boundaries together due to a lack of foundational education
  •     Finding true learning within the grey areas
  •     The societal reasons why men feel isolated
  •     Undoing the toxic binary that holds both men and women back
  •     Creating authentic space for men to get in touch with their emotions
  •     How vocabulary changes can allow men to participate in emotional work
  •     Examining the cultural and physiological differences between genders
  •     The Appeal to Nature Fallacy
  •     Expanding our interactions beyond gender expectations
  •     Learning how to be really clear with your expectations and desires
  •     Why gender equality does not exist  
  •     Being ok with your own needs and dynamics
  •     Valuing men for their own capacities
  •     Mindfully raising boys
  •     Getting more of what we want in relationship through explicit communication

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