EP8: Juna Mustad on Intuition, Anger, and Boundaries with Love

In this episode, Juna and Kimberly talk about intuition. What exactly is intuition? How do you tap into it? What is its role in therapy? As a practitioner, how do you capitalize on your intuition, and also develop accurate discernment? Juna shares some of her gems and insights from her upcoming book, A Good Girl’s Guide to Anger, and much more.

Juna Mustad is a Life and Relationship coach, an Intuitive, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner focused on helping people create healthy relationships, expand emotional awareness, and embrace their full potential. She combines her visionary gifts with body-centered therapy to help both individuals and couples, as well as organizations around the world.

What You’ll Hear:

  • How Juna learned how to use and develop her natural intuition
  • What happens when you receive a reading (tarot, astrology, energy work) that doesn’t resonate with your inner knowing?
  • How to feel emotions and connecting to the body, with intuition
  • The role of intuition and how to use it as a practitioner (therapist, massage therapist)
  • Where anger goes

In this episode:

  • What does intuition mean to you? (3:50)
  • As a practitioner, how do you use your own intuitive gifts and still help someone develop their inner knowing? (7:40)
  • HOW Juna teaches practitioners to develop their intuition (13:30)
  • How intuitions show up in Kimberly’s sessions (15:42)
  • How to tell the difference between an intuitive impulse versus ego or desire or fear (18:30)
  • The phase of life when Juna was doing the exact opposite of her intuition (28:00)
  • Do we REALLLLY choose our parents? (32:15)
  • Why it’s necessary to occupy a predator role for women (36:30)
  • The making of a good girl (37:35)
  • Approval and connection versus authenticity (39:00)
  • What happens when anger awakens in the good girl (40:50)
  • Anger as a doorway to power (43:30)
  • Aggression versus anger (47:30)
  • What to do with anger when it arises (49:30)
  • Boundaries with love (53:40)
  • If anger is here, there is trespass happening. Links between anger and boundaries. (1:00:00)