EP78: Kris Gonzalez on Female Reproductive Health, Menstruation, Postpartum and Perimenopause

What She Shares:

  •     What is Jing, how it is developed, and how it affects us
  •     The Three Golden Opportunities available to menstruating people
  •     Kris’s personal journey as a mother of two children with autism, the effect it had on her health, and how she restored her wellness

What You’ll Hear:

  •     Building on the Jing or Essence you’re born with
  •     Matching ancient Eastern philosophies with modern research
  •     Recognizing the key times in a menstruating person’s life when they can positively affect how their health manifests
  •     Menstrual blood as the physical manifestation of Jing loss, and safeguarding your energy and Essence
  •     Menstruation as a vital sign of your health
  •     Allowing variation within the menstrual cycle based on life events and stressors
  •     Approaching your health from a felt sense
  •     Positively influencing your health through Jing restoration during menstruation and postpartum
  •     Stopping “Doing,” and embracing Rest
  •     Approaching healing practices through the lens of energy management
  •     Strengthening your health in your late 30’s to build reserves for menopause
  •     Removing the negative cultural connotation around ‘perimenopause’ and ‘postpartum’
  •     Using the three Golden Opportunities to fortify your health
  •     Harvesting your newly allocated energy in menopause
  •     Embracing aging
  •     Looking at your health from a broader perspective
  •     Prioritizing the foundational parts of our health such as sleep, nutrition, and community
  •     Teaching our daughters about the magic and wisdom available in knowing their menstrual cycles
  •     Developing an intimate relationship with yourself

Call of The Wild

How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It For Good

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