EP68: Azita Nahai on Transforming Pain into Purpose, Navigating Spiritual Practice as a Mother, and Healing Trauma Somatically

What Azita Shares:

  •      Her own experience with trauma and how it shaped her personal and professional path
  •      How she received support to leave her abuser and begin treatment for her trauma
  •      How motherhood uprooted her sense of control
  •      Her fertility and birth journey

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Understanding that relational abuse and trauma can take many different forms
  •   Finding the permission to be kind and compassionate to yourself
  •   Listening to the body’s experience to finally find healing
  •   Becoming an active participant in your healing
  •   Giving grief time and space, without allowing it to take over forever
  •   Navigating recovery while mothering
  •   Softening into self compassion for mothering
  •   The importance of pausing and allowing inner wisdom to speak
  •   Navigating sexual trauma while trying to become pregnant
  •      The difference between processing trauma somatically and intellectually
  •      Finding time and space to process while caring for a child
  •      Allowing your spiritual practice to evolve as life evolves
  •      The community that comes together for you may not be who you expect
  •      Truly embodying the idea that community support during parenting is a necessity, not a luxury
  •      Getting reacquainted with your body after birth
  •      The power of witnessing for healing
  •      Allowing our children to live their experiences