EP66: Alexandra Sacks on Preparing for Matrescence and Preventing Postpartum Depression

What She Shares:

  •      The history of women and psychiatry
  •      How some medical research data is currently being safely collected on pregnant women
  •      Her intention for her new book to be a preventative guidebook to reduce postpartum depression
  •      How her new podcast is intended for maternal health and support

What You’ll Hear:

  •      How the scare around Thalidomide affected research into women’s mental health for decades to come.
  •      Opening research to include women’s health finally showed that men and women’s health needs often differ
  •      The laws that aimed to reduce gender and racial discrimination in medical research
  •      A brief discussion on the FDA approved medication for postpartum depression
  •      Embarking on research into the causes of and prevention of postpartum depression
  •      Making preparations and front loading investments to avoid PPMADs
  •      Addressing diseases through the a bio-psycho-social model and a preventative lens
  •      Being aware of a biological predisposition towards depression
  •      Accessing information about postpartum care from multiple angles
  •      Finding camaraderie with other women and their stories in Alexandra’s podcast
  •      Lovingly examining your own personhood and how it interacts with your new role as a mother
  •      Bringing motherhood and traditional feminism together
  •      Prioritizing those things you really want, including motherhood

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