EP60: Dr. Claudia Welch on the Medicine of Subtraction and Balancing Your Hormones

What Dr. Claudia Shares:

  •      Why the title of her book is actually backwards
  •      Her “aha!” moment when she was studying hormones
  •      The difference between sex hormones and stress hormones
  •      How our spiritual and emotional choices reverberate through our physical bodies

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Understanding that your hormones don’t become imbalanced in a vacuum
  •      How Western and Eastern medicines support each other to better understand our hormones
  •      Viewing hormonal functions through the lens of duality
  •      Hormones govern extremes in the body
  •      Understanding why imbalances between sex and stress hormones occur
  •      Learning how to decrease stress hormones through lifestyle changes
  •      Striving for the sweet spot of balance between yin and yang
  •      Learning your own body to understand when it needs more rest versus stimulation
  •      Why women in their late 30’s and beyond require more rest
  •      Becoming hormonally rearranged in menopause
  •      Learning to balance external stressors to support your health
  •      Determining what your version of ‘having it all’ is, and subtracting what you don’t need
  •      The interweaving effects of emotion, thought, biology, action, and spirituality on our hormonal balance
  •      Embracing the medicine of subtraction and internal wisdom to find balance
  •      Why saying no takes so much courage
  •      Further resources for learning about hormone balancing and preparing for pregnancy
  •      Respecting the hormonal differences between male and female bodied people

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