EP59: Christine Caldwell on Bodyfulness, Interconnectedness and Somatics

What Christine Shares:

  •      Her activism centered around the bodylessness present in our culture
  •      Translating your physical experience to your social interactions
  •      How embracing inquiry and challenges can support your well being
  •      How her understanding of the immune system impacted how she runs her psychotherapy practice

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Incorporating somatic work in your daily life for nervous system health
  •      Coming to a practice from pressure, pleasure, or inquiry, and how those may affect your practice
  •      How a practice changes when you come with some form of self-regulation
  •      Integrating mental and physical processes
  •      Respecting the 12 different systems in the body as inherently important in their own right
  •      Learning to listen to all systems in the body so that you get a fuller picture of your self and your health
  •      Approaching the body from a community organizing standpoint with a non-hierarchical approach
  •      Creating space for range and nuance rather than a stark dichotomy
  •      Approaching your body from a lens of curiosity rather than control
  •      Using physical, mental, and cognitive challenges to promote optimal health
  •      The immune system learns and becomes toned when it faces challenges
  •      The universe of experiences available when you learn to really be in your body
  •      The connection between being bodyful and social awareness and ethics
  •      Understanding your body from both a physical sense and a poetic sense
  •      Using your sense of power to relax into the unknown or uncontrollable


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