EP57: Bari Tessler Linden on Healing Your Money Story and Learning to Earn More

What Bari Shares:

  •      Her journey into perimenopause
  •      Learning to lose her shame around money
  •      Living through the ebbs and flows of income
  •      The phases she guides you through in her year-long money school

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Responding to the body’s needs through intuitive eating and nourishing movement
  •      Respecting the natural ebbs and flows of energy
  •      Allowing yourself to expand your financial goals and comfort
  •      Moving beyond your current money ceilings
  •      Riding the wave of change in life
  •      Allowing for financial lulls in order to attend to other important needs
  •      Applying the principle of ebbs and flows to money
  •      Balancing parenting with earning, and understanding your worth
  •      Allowing parenting young children to be the transition it is
  •      Working through money koans
  •      Feelings of fight, flight, and freeze during financial stress
  •      Defining your version of financial sustainability
  •      Including future financial needs in your vision
  •      The importance of money healing and understanding your patterns
  •      Learning to be exceptionally loving during your process of money healing
  •      Respecting and cherishing your own pacing

Call of The Wild

How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It For Good

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