Ep56: Tobin Zivon on Authentic Relating in the Age of #Metoo, Open Relating, Polyamory and Meeting a Partner

What He Shares:

  •      Some of the golden rules of healthy relating
  •      The important ingredients to a flourishing relationship
  •      How to reduce drama in your relationship, regardless of structure
  •      His shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Moving into authenticity and vulnerability to allow a genuine unfolding within a relationship
  •      Discerning when to be vulnerable and when to respect your communication boundaries
  •      Finding the living sweet spot of authenticity, vulnerability, and being transparent within each relationship
  •      Having ruthless self-awareness toward yourself and your conditioning
  •      Following the truth of your heart in your relationship structure
  •      Discovering alignment, or not, with your partner
  •      Ways to proceed with changes in your relationship dynamic
  •      Celebrating your partner in their fullness
  •      Healing your attachment styles, wounding, and imprints to have less drama in a relationship
  •      Expanding beyond the paradigm of dichotomy
  •      Showing up from a deeper conscious commitment to self, to source, and to each other
  •      Finding full comfort in who you are and what you want
  •      Living the fully embodied wholeness that you’re here to live
  •      Loosening your scripts while maintaining togetherness
  •      Finding a way to embody and transmit an experience of safety for you partner
  •      Being based in love and integrity, not in impulses of conditioning
  •      Recognizing the energetic shift post MeToo, and embracing the role of initiator as a woman
  •      Meeting your partner at their emotional and communication belt levels