EP55: Brigit Viksnins on Repairing Relational Ruptures, Re-wilding for Resiliency, Following the Wisdom of the Animal Body

Brigit is a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, a trauma resolution therapist, and believes deeply in the magic of life and the wild wisdom of the body. She especially loves to work with people on boundary repair and stabilization.

What She Shares:

  •      Sensing your own boundaries for invasions and working towards repair
  •      Working with imprints from our own conception and birth to find systemic healing
  •      Embracing your family dynamic to foster personal expansion
  •      Offering safe attachment with others through secure attachment with one’s self

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Discovering what in your system is an imprint from trauma or overwhelming experiences
  •      Your individual blueprint and its potential for growth
  •      Healing imprints so that you can flourish
  •      Physical imprints from our own births and how they continue to manifest
  •      How relational ruptures with your parent can imprint into your core
  •      Honoring lost infants to help create closure and healing for other children
  •      Re-wilding ourselves to build resilience to traumatic experiences
  •      Embracing the spirit and magic of life for a better sense of embodiment
  •      Building capacity in order to witness and sequence through relationship ruptures
  •      Using intellectual knowledge to find comfort in your body’s flow
  •      Recognizing the return of the divine feminine and reclaiming your power of creating
  •      Finding a practitioner that can show up for your animal body
  •      Living life at a pace that is digestible in the moment and creating conditions for presence
  •      When an injury is multifaceted, including sexual abuse by a faith leader, it is important for the repair to also be multifaceted
  •      Staying open to see what’s already healthy, working, and stable