EP53: Rahi Chun on De-armoring the Body, Integrating Emotional Energy, and Downloading New Pleasure Software

What He Shares:

  • How he came into the path of intentional, sexual healing
  • What a session in NeuroAffective Touch looks like
  • Discovering your own preferences and those of your partner through Full Body Active Consent
  • Working with his own mother to repair rupture in her nervous system
  • How pleasure factors into his work

What You’ll Hear:

  • How the lack of sovereignty in our body as an adolescent shows up in our adult embodiment
  • The opportunity to repair ruptures with male authority figure through working with male practitioners
  • Integrating unsequenced emotions somatically
  • Bodies often become guarded when an outside agenda is opposed on them, and ways to put the body back in charge
  • Listening to the body to inform a loving, effective way forward
  • The importance of pausing and finding the information there
  • Resolving trauma so that we can reclaim the body’s sovereignty
  • Respecting the body’s intelligence
  • Addressing listlessness by integrating our emotional landscape
  • Freeing unsequenced emotion through bodywork
  • Changing patterns in real-time through emotional repair
  • The power of what can shift in your life when things shift somatically in your body
  • Downloading a new software in your body
  • Changing our embodiment, creativity, and confidence through sexual energy
  • De-armoring the body to release stored emotion and to access greater life force
  • Following the body’s lead to safely use catharsis alongside titration work.
  • Finding a practitioner that can aid you in translating the body’s needs