EP51: Holly Griggs-Spall on Birth Control, Feminism, and Moving Forward

What Holly Shares:

  •      Untangling hormonal birth control from feminism
  •      Why she was on the pill as a teen even before she was sexually active
  •      The positive effects the pill had for her
  •      The mental health affects the pill had on her
  •      Her journey discovering who she was without hormonal birth control

What You’ll Hear:

  •      The cultural marriage between feminism and the pill 
  •      The pushback she received against her writing criticizing synthetic hormones 
  •      How feminism has changed in the last 10 years 
  •      Various forms of feminism and what they mean for women 
  •      How the pill has become our cultural right of passage 
  •      How hormonal birth control helped manage her painful periods 
  •      Letting go of fear and embracing your teen’s sexuality
  •      Teen pregnancy vs. side effects of hormonal birth control 
  •      The paranoia, depression, and obsessive compulsive behavior she developed while on the pill
  •      Rediscovering her emotional landscape post synthetic hormones
  •      The dearth of critical examination of the pill’s side effects 
  •      Side effects of the pill including reduced senses, lactation, and suicidal thoughts 
  •      Why so many women are suffering from anhedonia and are unable to experience inherent pleasure in life 
  •      Questioning how synthetic hormones affect our birthing, our parenting, and attachment 
  •      Reclaiming the power of your own emotions, sense of self, and libido 
  •      How synthetic hormones affect your attraction to other people 
  •      Getting support for your own journey leaving hormonal birth control 
  •      Learning about fertility awareness within the context of feminism
  •      Imagining a future of feminist fertility awareness plus somatic consent practice 
  •      Embracing men and boys in the feminist fertility movement 
  •      How coming off of the pill can be part of a social movement