EP41: Rachael Maddox interviews Magamama on the Reparative Power of Connection in Birth and Sex

What Kimberly Shares

  • Her work with sexuality, birth, and the postpartum time
  • How these often misunderstood parts of our lives can lead to our healing and our soul work
  • Practical tools to start exploring these topics in your own life today

What You’ll Hear:

  • Kimberly’s perspective on what helps heal us the most
  • The importance of reestablishing connection and trust
  • The fears that can come up around healing and living a life without feeling your trauma
  • Kimberly describes her unique, multifaceted approach to helping women
  • How often the pelvis and genitals go unattended while the rest of our body is cared for
  • How Kimberly models how a great interaction can happen – slowly, narrated, explicitly consensual, and much more
  • Kimberly’s three rules for intimacy
  • How sharing your sexual “code” can build trust
  • What are your absolute no’s and your absolute yes’s?
  • “If meeting someone is A, kissing them is B and D, and penetration is R…what happens between D and R?”
  • Most people are looking for “great sex” but don’t realize that this typical lack in creative, internally generated sexual inquiry is keeping them in their routines
  • Rachael shares a few of her own yes’s and no’s
  • “The reason we come to connection is to heal, that’s the repair.”
  • What Kimberly wished the world knew about the postpartum window
  • The “42 days for 42 years” rule that exists in many cultures and the important standards it sets for postpartum care
  • How Kimberly’s rules for intimacy relate to the postpartum time
  • How the window of time after birth is an entry point into our soul work, and every birth story has wisdom to offer
  • Kimberly’s definition of a physiological birth
  • “If we reclaim birth, as women, the world will change.”
  • The body that comes with you into birth affects the way you give birth – your physical injury history, sexual history, family history, etc
  • How practicing exploratory sex can prepare your body for birth
  • How and why Kimberly and Rachael are cultivating the “108 women” in the world
  • Kimberly shares some of the events, mentors, and teachers in her life that shaped her road toward full sexual expression
  • “It takes the smallest step.” Start simple, start small.
  • How do you know what to ask for? How do you explore your own interoception?
  • Think of a simple checklist of things you like and want to feel
  • Even when it’s heavy, bring some light and joy into your healing process!

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