EP35: Dr. Katherine Zagone on Fertility is Health and Life

What You’ll Hear:

  • The relationship between holistic health and optimal fertility
  • What’s missing from the current medical approach
  • Dr. Zagone’s unique, holistic work combining environmental, physical and emotional components
  • How the fertility journey can be a process of internal growth and maturity
  • Success stories from her practice

What Dr. Zagone Shares:

  • Her definition of fertility (1:56)
  • What’s missing from the current conversation about fertility (3:40)
  • How cultivating health is cultivating fertility (4:39)
  • Kimberly’s “foundation of okay-ness” and how it relates to fertility (6:45)
  • Self-responsibility vs. self-care (7:56)
  • Physiological stress and its effect on fertility (9:28)
  • We have a built in compass for how our fertility is doing (11:40)
  • “How much of our biology are we willing to push against?” (12:45)
  • Age and fertility (14:20)
  • What traditionally defines an infertility diagnosis (14:50)
  • How genetics and epigenetics play a role (16:00)
  • How we make a “problem” out of fertility (16:54)
  • The role of environmental toxins in shifting rates of fertility (18:15)
  • The importance of talking about sex with her couples (21:45)
  • Tapping into what is really true in the moment, finding the creative power which is the fertility (23:20)
  • Why it’s important to work with the couple as a unit. Fertility is a team sport! (25:46)
  • The holistic components to fertility that Dr. Zagone examines with each couple (27:38)
  • “If the baby is meant to come it will come.” (30:00)
  • What goes on in the forest!? (31:45)
  • It’s important that all women understand postpartum health, whether they have kids or not, because we have all experienced some kind of loss (37:15)
  • How the fertility journey helps women and couples cultivate the skills that will help them in parenthood (39:30)
  • Her success rate with women under 40 (45:00)
  • How the medical model focuses on managing symptoms instead of total healing (46:28)
  • The importance of honoring the body and the emotions in the same context (47:20)
  • The importance of working on your relationship (51:45)
  • The first two questions Dr. Zagone asks her couples (53:55)
  • Where you can find her work online (54:43)