EP1:Christiane Pelmas on Relationships, Codependence, and Mother as Soul Guide

In this inaugural episode of the Magamama podcast, Kimberly Ann Johnson is joined by Christiane Pelmas who shares her wisdom as a psychotherapist, Sexological Bodyworker, wise woman, author and mother. She tells me just before the episode that she is not interested in being interviewed. She’s interested in co-created conversation. Nevertheless, she is a truth teller and culture maker.

She elucidates the difference between codependence and interdependence, and how care-taking can be a form of violence. She describes herself as an “essentialist” and how she sees gendering as a coexisting part of that. She talks about the forgotten role of mother as a soul guide.

What you’ll hear:

  • The difference of co dependence and interdependence (1:30)
  • How do you feel that difference between codependence or interdependence (6:30)
  • Compulsory discomfort! (12:00)
  • Culture and codependence (15:00)
  • Masculine vs. feminine, modern culture and essentials (26:30)
  • Thoughts and personal vision on modern culture and the impact on mothering (41:00)
  • Worrying about children and emotional intelligence (45:00)
  • A different role for mothers which is not taught in this culture – Soul Guide (50:00)

Her website is www.TheReWilding.com

You can find her books here:

Women’s Wisdom Guidebook & Card Deck

Trauma, A Practical Guide to Working with Body and Soul

Somatic Sexwork Anthology