EP 177: Grounding, Aligning, and Tending to Your Heart Space with Katie Dove


In this episode, Kimberly and Katie discuss Katie’s work as a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, and healer. She explains how she came to her craniosacral and healing work as a young child. She discusses chakras as the portals between our nervous systems and our spiritual connection, as well as the importance of grounding, alignment, and the heart space. They discuss heartbreak and grief as utterly human, and how the internet serves as the nervous system for the collective. Katie offers hope for maintaining our connection, regulation, and containment during difficult times.



Katie Dove is a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, healer, and mystic with over two decades of experience working with individuals and groups. She is a keeper of ancient wisdom, exploring new paths for the preservation of human nature through connection to mother nature. Her methods weave a mixture of experiences she has collected over time, modalities she has personally cultivated, and extensive studies in transpersonal psychology and craniosacral therapy. With exploration in voice, touch, sound, and movement, she guides her clients and students to investigate habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, and the wealth of sensory information within and around them.


What She Shares:

  • Katie’s journey as a healing practitioner
  • Chakras as nervous system regulators
  • Grounding, aligning, and vulnerability
  • Internet as a collective nervous system
  • Mothering from the heart space
  • Upcoming in person and online classes



Website: https://www.katiedove.love/


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