EP16: Deborah Claire Bagg on Same Sex Fertility and the Vulnerability of the First Year of Motherhood

Today I have a guest who is going to charm you like you haven’t been charmed quite yet. She has the best accent and a very warm heart. Deborah Claire Bagg is the owner and founder of the yoga studio, LoveisJuniper in Brooklyn- which is a yoga center, flower shop and has treatment spaces. Deborah is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, doula, somatic therapist and new mom. I met her online- but we had a lot of worlds in common as she went to Naropa and I lived in Boulder for five years. She came for a session when I was working in Brooklyn and then immediately invited me to teach at her new space that opened this year. She is a wise woman, and has immersed herself in the feminine arts.

We are going to talk about the journey of same sex fertility, the road to starting a non-traditional family and the vulnerability of the first year of motherhood.

What Deborah Shares:

  • The wild and epic road of same sex fertility, especially when you find yourself there unexpectedly
  • How yoga practice impacts birth
  • The vulnerability of being a new mother
  • Gems of postpartum wisdom for the journey

What You’ll Hear:

  • Becoming a same-sex mother by surprise (2:16)
  • Opening a yoga center with a 4-month-old baby (5:00)
  • Preference for a known donor (6:50)
  • The actual “how” of getting pregnant (12:40)
  • Her journey with a miscarriage (14:50)
  • Well woman care with midwives (15:30)
  • Headstanding to get pregnant (18:40)
  • What is fertility beyond sperm and egg? (21:00)
  • IUI at home (22:00)
  • Pregnancy- ecstatic misery (25:50)
  • Asking for reassurance (30:00)
  • Deborah’s birth chant (33:35)
  • The surprises of postpartum (36:00)
  • Her old self fed her new self (38:30)
  • In woman-centered yoga practice, motherhood not included (39:00)
  • In any big change in life you have to go through all the seasons (42:00)

Audio glitch (45:30)

  • Postpartum time= a lifetime inside of seconds
  • Lessons learned from postpartum from the inside (48:00)
  • It’s difficult to mother when you don’t have a connection to your body (50:00)
  • All that was born from her journey to motherhood to one year (52:00)
  • Tap into the wider field before crisis. Grander field of wisdom that is waiting. (54:40)