EP14: Ellen Heed on STREAM School of Pelvic and Sexual Health, Sexological Bodywork, and True Health

Today you will meet Ellen Heed- my mentor, the person who helped me heal my own birth injury and who paved the way for the new model of health that is culminating in our work in the STREAM school. We have taught STREAM together in England and 2018 is the first year we will bring this new radical model of pelvic and sexual health care to the US. Ellen is a Visionary Craniosacral practitioner and teacher and has taught anatomy and physiology all over the world for the past twenty years.

You are in a for a treat. Get ready to get your mindbodysoul rocked.

“Our hegemony over our own sexuality is a private matter and we have the option of taking private responsibility for that in a community peer-based support environment, which is what my vision is for STREAM to provide.”

In this episode, Ellen Heed shares:

  • The importance of a peer model in healing modalities and relationship
  • What contributes to healing, not management.
  • What is Sexological Bodywork?
  • What is STREAM- Scar Tissue Remediation Education & Management?
  • Who is qualified to do STREAM work and provide this kind of care?

You will hear:

  • Ellen’s first experience with postpartum pain (1:40)
  • What contributed to radical healing in that first case study (3:50)
  • Psychoemotional release with scar tissue resolution from a “perfect birth” (5:20)
  • Can we still heal from birth years out? In my case, 2 ½ years post-birth (10:00)
  • Who is scar tissue remediation for, in addition to new mothers? (12:55)
  • Scar is a physical artifact of trauma. (15:30)
  • Peer support models of health care (20:00)
  • Mapping as a ritual of initiation (25:30)
  • Deep and broad overarching model of health (28:20)
  • Absence of connective tissue as a living contributor to health (32:25)
  • Stakeholdership is inherent in the healing process (39:30)
  • What is Sexological Bodywork? (43:00)
  • Who becomes a Sexological Bodyworker? (47:00)
  • What is STREAM- Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management (49:20)
  • Who are good STREAM candidates? (54:45)
  • What is a Private Membership Agreement (PMA)? (55:20)
  • The Shame Matrix of the genitals (59:00)
  • Future vision: that people in transitions of all kinds have access to mapping, and to somatic sexual and pelvic health care.