EP13: Jessica Graham on Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out, Spiritual Sex, and Self-Love

Spirituality and sexuality can be the same thing when trauma moves out of the way. In this episode, Jessica shares her personal story of being raised by beautiful and terrible wolves, and how she arrived at this path of being a spiritual teacher and filmmaker.

What Jessica shares:

  • How being raised by beautiful and terrible wolves shaped Jessica’s path, when she was on her own at 14
  • Where and how she gets the “audas” and takes authority from her experience to write a book and teach without degrees and not follow the “path”
  • Her approached to embodied spiritual and sexual counseling
  • What happens when you stop drinking through sex
  • How she is able to be an actress, teacher, and an author- to do it all

What You’ll Hear:

  • When meditation causes everything you thought you wanted to fall away (8:40)
  • How she was a sex educator since she was a kid (9:50)
  • Her experience with and reverence for Somatic Experiencing (13:10)
  • Post spiritual awakenings and how sexuality changed (14:30)
  • Self-worth and sex, recognizing and going into her own personal trauma (15:30)
  • Spiritual sex was available after unwinding the trauma (18:10)
  • Material, emotional and mental material related to trauma and then orienting to everyday pleasure (22:00)
  • Embodied counseling (24:00)
  • How she manages being multi-passionate (27:00)
  • Exploring the shadow (30:00)
  • Sober sex- what to do when you have relied on substance to have good sex (33:30)
  • All for casual sex when it’s conscious (36:05)
  • Meditation was the foundation that allowed her to welcome in other modalities (39:00)
  • Sex-positive, Tantra, OMing community (41:00)
  • What is a sex party? (42:30) Cos play (43:40)
  • Storytelling and non-dual reality (47:00)
  • Jessica’s unique brand of self-love (54:00)
  • Deep enjoyment is deep service

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