EP109: Transformed by Birth: Ordered Culture + Wild Nature + Archetypes Birth and Life with Britta Bushnell, PhD

-Story of the Apollo/ Artemis birth

-The role of twins in mythology- two sides of a coin

-Artemis is the goddess of childbirth, when she is born, she immediately midwife’s her brother’s birth

-Artemis- Moon Goddess, darkness, untamed; Apollo- Sun God, bright, civilized

-How are these archetypes helpful in birth preparation?

-Ordered culture over wild nature

-In an Appolonian setting (hospital,) how do you bring Artemis?

-Kimberly’s birth experience and handing over power in Apollonian way to midwife

-Pandemic popped the Apollonian illusion of control and tossed us into Artemisian realm

-Children are Artemisian

-How do we compromise the Artemisian in Apollonian structure in spite of our ideals?

-Parents beating themselves up in pandemic for kids falling behind

-The blurring of public and private

-Did birth move you to be more Apollonian or Artemisian?

-The grief and loss through the pandemic

Dr. Britta Bushnell (she/her) is a wife and mother, author of Transformed by Birth, veteran childbirth educator, celebrated speaker, mythologist, and specialist in childbirth, relationship, and parenting. For over 20 years, Dr. Bushnell has worked with individuals and couples as they prepare for the life-changing experience of giving birth. Her work with parents has been enriched by her doctoral work in mythology and psychology, her years spent as former co-owner of Birthing From Within, as well as her dedicated study of solution-focused brief therapy, storytelling, sustaining sexual vibrancy, and helping romantic partnerships thrive even during parenthood.