EP102: Astrology Update: Mars Retrograde, Generational Patterns, and WTF is happening for the rest of 2020 with Shannon Aganza

What Shannon Shares:

  • How astrological cycles affect our everyday lives
  • Directing our understanding of astrology into personal growth
  • The significance of Mars in retrograde and what we can expect in the coming months

What You’ll Hear:

  • 2020 forward from an astrological standpoint
  • What is a retrograde? What does Mars represent?
  • How do our actions, as well as the actions of others, exemplify the current solar alignment?
  • Innovation, positivity, and renewal during times of social and political strife
  • Is Mars encouraging us to behave more passionately?
  • Being aware of how you’re directing your own personal energy
  • What astrology can tell us about other generations
  • How Pluto returns map onto what we name generations- Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ 
  • What can we expect in the coming months?
  • Where does money and economic structure factor into astrology?
  • The importance of writing down our dreams



Shannon Aganza re-joins the Magamama Podcast to talk about retrograde, generational behaviors, and what we can expect to see unfold astrologically over the coming months.

It’s been a while since Shannon was last on the podcast, so we had plenty to discuss regarding what has happened both politically and socially this year.



Shannon Aganza is an astrologer, a pundit, and a counselor for many based out of San Diego. Shannon has spent over 20 years within the field of astrology, searching and helping others to understand how we are shaped by the universe around us. Shannon specializes in astrological readings, moon circles, and spiritual hygiene amongst many beneficial services.