EP100: Matthew Stillman on the Age of COVID-19, Zach Bush, and Conspirituality

What Matthew Shares:

  • The impetus to ensure the information we intake pertaining to disease is factual
  • Understanding the conflation between science and hope
  • Why hope and hopeless are two sides of the same coin
  • Why being “hope-free” is an important skill to learn

What You’ll Hear:

  • Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory
  • Why have masks become political?
  • Impact of Coronavirus 
  • The danger in the political divide of mask wearers
  • Politicization of Coronavirus amongst society and academia
  • Republicans and New Age spiritual Nazis
  • Racial impacts of how we frame these conversations
  • The problem of hope
  • Vaccinations in this context
  • Relationship to death and to children
  • How our world viewpoint effects pandemic response
  • Is it ok to speak metaphorically about the disease? To personify it?

Matthew Stillman has spent years studying both Eastern and Western spiritual practices. Currently working as a creative approach consultant in New York, Matt applies the skills he’s learned over his many years of seeking to help others overcome the obstacles they face.  Though his ability to listen to others and have nuanced conversation, Stillman has become a liaison amongst academics and the spiritual world.

Bio: Matthew Stillman is a writer, consultant, and co-founder of Primal Derma. Matt has worked one-on-one with thousands of people to help them understand, transform, shift, and sometimes solve their problems. From poverty to religion, Stillman has contributed to a wide range of projects with the goal of raising awareness and understanding towards these issues and practices.





Twitter – @stillmansays