EP10: Jennifer Laurin on Tantra 101, Right Relationship, and Unconditional Family

Jennifer Laurin is the creator and founder of Shunya Gates Temple and a Certified Tantra Counselor. A yoga practitioner and meditator, she is at work on a book entitled Unconditional Family, based on her own experience of maintaining family while dissolving marriage.

In this episode, Jennifer shares:

  • What Tantra is
  • Why both men and women need to take the pressure off the cock
  • Is erectile dysfunction actually sexual maturity?
  • How to dissolve marriage without losing family

What You’ll Hear:

  • Definition of Tantra (2:02)
  • Introduction of the ‘Song of Mahamudra’ – Tilopa’s Mahamudra Teaching to Naropa. (4:30)
  • What is offered in Tantric Counseling sessions. (7:00)
  • Making decisions from our own unique Yes (10:30)
  • Taking pressure off the cock (15:20)
  • Kimberly’s experience with a partner who had erectile dysfunction (18:30)
  • Myth busting about male arousal (20:00)
  • If not cock, what? (23:00)
  • Message to women about taking the pressure off the cock. (28:00)
  • Men need foreplay too! (32:00)
  • “Erectile dysfunction” or sexual maturity? (39:00)
  • Alternative way to look at relationship transitions (49:00)
  • Definition of right relationship (50:00)
  • Family as an active living network of people who continue to know each other and support each other. (55:00)
  • Give yourself permission to chart your own path. (61:00)