Kimberly Ann Johnson Jaguar Course

EP 34: Jaguar Round Table- 5 Women Share Their Experience of Activate Their Inner Jaguar

Jaguar Round Table- Five women share what changed for them from Activate your Inner Jaguar

– Sex is better

– Stopped picking skin on their hands (a longtime habit that had been addressed many different ways)

– Learning to how to stay present with what feels good during sex (instead of what doesn’t)

– How to learn what her system needs and to ASK for it- changing her relationship

– Sexual intimacy more open and with more possibilities

– Learned better boundaries and said “no” and the person accepted it!

– How to deal with introversion when you need to be social




Let's talk about the big stuff.

Join me and my community of fiercely compassionate jaguar women as we have the deep conversations — and build the world we want to live in, together.