EP 25: Centehua Sage on Body Image, Plastic Surgery, Self- Love and Intergenerational Mother Healing

Centehua shares her personal journey with her body image– of becoming a mother at 19, taking on her mother and grandmothers’ assessment of her body, and deciding to get a mommy makeover. She takes us through her journey of deciding to remove the implants at 40 as a ritual of self-love and self-reclamation. She does so without general anesthetic so that she can be fully present in the reclamation, and minimize the trauma to her system.


What Centi Shares:

-How she shifted from being trained out of her body’s wisdom (by parents/culture), to living her embodied wisdom

-Her journey with an eating disorder and her body

-When she had a mommy makeover and what happens when you ignore your intuition & body wisdom

-The fascinating and important story of how she chose to stay conscious during her breast implant removal

-How important men are, and healing the masculine and feminine after #metoo

-Women must embody mother consciousness & compassion to heal the planet


What You’ll Hear:

-A deep connection to our bodies helps us heal and to be objective

-Sexual trauma and ballet contributing to body shame

-How her love for her new baby shifted her health

-Her disempowering birth experiences as a young woman

-Her mother and grandmother’s idea of physical beauty, and how it affected her

-Why she ignored her intuition and had plastic surgery after she had two children

-The real consequences of plastic surgery

-Taking out her breast implants and her personal work around that decision: rituals, prayers and forgiveness

-She chose to do have her implants removed with only local anesthesia: nothing to alter her consciousness

-How the surgery showed her the intelligence of her body

-Why she chose to be conscious during the removal of her implants

“If you look good, sex will be good.” — nothing could be further from the truth

Encouraging women to support the men who are showing up & doing their best

The importance of being in our feminine as we heal trauma on the planet

Patriarchy AND matriarchy are unhealthy: finding a new way

Rising above shame and blame and embodying compassion to heal relationships and the planet

Why it’s so important to providing a space for women & men to feel connected and have a dialogue


“We are swimming in magic: it’s so tangible and simple. You can just look outside and connect to the lifeforce that we share with the tree, with the grass: just to remember that we are alive. There is so much beauty in this world.”