EP 197: Erotic Seasons – Connect to Your Sensual Flow Through the Stages of Womanhood


In this episode, podcast producer Jackson Kroopf interviews Kimberly about her upcoming free class “Erotic Seasons: Connect to Your Sensual Flow Through the Stages of Womanhood” which begins October 10th at 9am PT | 12noon ET. We discuss Kimberly’s inspiration for the class, and her evolving thoughts on the archetypes of the mother, maiden, virgin, crone.

The class explores what it means to develop a mature sensual identity.

  • Go on a journey through the seasons of womanhood and how those might impact your erotic energy (hint: it’s not all downhill).
  • Shine a warm salt lamp light, not strobe lights, on some tender places that could use attention and give you clues about your unique erotic path.
  • Discover your next proximal step to bridging the gap between your sensuality and spirituality.

You can sign up for the free class at: https://kimberlyannjohnson.com/erotic-seasons/

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