EP 194: Marketing + Sales with Consent, AI, Authenticity, and Humanity in Business with Rachel Allen



In this episode, Kimberly and Rachel discuss how Rachel discovered copywriting and turned it into a business. When many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable with marketing and social media expectations around business, Rachel provides thoughtful solutions to authentically representing one’s own business, making meaningful professional relationships, and regulating our nervous systems while marketing. They also discuss how to use social media as a tool, using discernment when posting content, as well as the pluses and minuses of Artificial Intelligence. Last, they discuss remembering humility and humor both in social media and business, as well as our everyday lives.



Rachel Allen is the owner of Bolt from the Blue, a copywriting and marketing business that provides clients with services to best communicate their message to their audiences. Bolt from the Blue also offers a variety of trainings and workshops for professionals. Check out all that they provide in the link below.


What Rachel Shares

  • Marketing and consent
  • AI’s capabilities and limits
  • Bringing authenticity into sales
  • Remembering humanity and relationship in marketing
  • Genuine social media content
  • Building our world on and offline



Website: https://www.boltfromthebluecopywriting.com/

IG: @backfromthebluecopywriting 

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