EP 193: Intimacy with Plants, Aligning with Life’s Seasons, and Balancing Motherhood + Business with Marysia Miernowska


In this episode, Kimberly and Marysia discuss the origins of School of the Sacred Wild, plants as medicine, and entrepreneurship. Marysia shares about how her family and heritage influenced her journey to plants, how plants provide somatic, restorative experiences, and how she navigates single-parenting and running a business. Registration is now open for a new course at the School of the Sacred Wild starting September 12th.



Marysia Miernowska is a teacher, author, Earth activist, green witch, folk herbalist and healer rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. Born in Poland, she carries with her a lineage of European folk herbalism. Marysia honors plants as sentient beings, elders, healers and teachers. As a Plant Spirit Communicator, Marysia channels messages from the Earth spirits and guides students to connect with plant spirits through meditation and through their bodies, to receive guidance and learn about the constituents, energetics and properties of plants. Registration is now open for the School of the Sacred Wild and can be accessed through the link below.


What She Shares

  • School of the Sacred Wild
  • Somatic experiences with plants
  • Benefits of motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Aligning life seasons with cycles of nature



Website: https://www.schoolofthesacredwild.com/

IG: @marysia_miernowska

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