EP 191: Soul Work and Source Regulation Through the Fluid Nervous System with Katie Dove

In this episode, Katie and Kimberly discuss their evolving relationship to trauma and spiritual work. After serving clients one-on-one for over 20 years, they consider the importance of community and creativity to healing. In the wake of so many people sharing their trauma stories online, they consider the tools we need for spiritual fortification to find resolution. They introduce Katie’s upcoming 4-week course “Source Regulation: Connect to Source Energy through Your Fluid Nervous System,” which begins July 12th.



Katie Dove is a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, healer, and mystic with over two decades of experience working with individuals and groups. She is a keeper of ancient wisdom, exploring new paths for the preservation of human nature through connection to mother nature. Her methods weave a mixture of experiences she has collected over time, modalities she has personally cultivated, and extensive studies in transpersonal psychology and craniosacral therapy. With exploration in voice, touch, sound and movement, she guides her clients and students to investigate habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, and the wealth of sensory information within and around them. Her upcoming course “Inhabit the Heart” is a four week journey into deep relationship with self and soul.


What You’ll Hear

  • Combining Trauma and the Spiritual Path
  • Healing and Trauma Re-negotiation
  • From Trauma Therapist to Resilience Coach to a Release of All Titles
  • Beyond Individual Repair: Repairing the Continuum of Self, Soul And Source
  • Sharing your trauma on Social Media and then what?
  • The value of short, sweet, simple ceremonies
  • Seeing people who have experienced trauma in their wholeness
  • How sexual boundary rupture differs from other kinds of trauma
  • The conflation of worth and virginity
  • The connection between rupture and creation
  • Psyche vs. Soul
  • The value of Source Regulation and Regeneration through the fluid system
  • The power of spiritual assistance and fortification in trauma repair



Katie’s Website: www.katiedove.love/source-regulation

Katie’s IG: @divineportals