EP 190: Rethinking Ethical Sex in the Age of Consent with Christine Emba

In this episode, Christine and Kimberly discuss contemporary relationships to consent and ask what is ethical sex? They consider the complexities of sex positivity, navigating sexual conversations with your children, as well as coming to terms with what we want and what we owe each other.



Christine Emba is the author of “Rethinking Sex: A Provocation,” as well as an opinion columnist for the Washington Post focusing on “ideas and society.”


What You’ll Hear

  • In a sex-positive culture, why are people still having bad, unwanted sex?
  • Where is our sexual culture in this moment?
  • Is consent a high enough bar?
  • Are your politics making your sex better?
  • The value of “willing the good onto the other”
  • How has our sexual and romantic culture changed over time?
  • Developing trust with someone
  • What do you want from a sexual encounter?
  • Parenting in the age of cell phones, accessible cannabis, and internet porn
  • The value of boundaries in parenting
  • The way we talk about parenting girls
  • The crisis of masculinity with a lack of rites and role models
  • The pitfalls of gentle parenting
  • The intersection of dating apps and corporate interests
  • The value of making healthy, moral judgements
  • The pendulum swing of normalized kink
  • What we want and what we owe each other



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