EP 186: The Future of Women’s Health with Keli Garza


In this episode, Kimberly and Keli discuss the future of women’s health. During this recorded live event from Kimberly’s living room, we learn about the extensive health benefits of vaginal steaming and how the shortcomings in gynecological training reflect contemporary cultural politics around women’s bodies. They discuss how to bridge the knowledge gaps found in western medicine’s approach to gynecological health when it comes to menstrual cycles, birth, postpartum, and menopause. They discuss their role in pushing the science forward with their collaborative vaginal steam study. They go in depth about healthy periods, uterine cleanses, the fertility industry, and the importance of new language that evolves Women’s health. This conversation helps us understand how tending to gynecological care holistically is a way to tend to our own bodies, to tend to future generations, and to build mother culture.



Keli Garza has a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude with a focus in nonprofit management and human rights. Keli is the owner of Steamy Chick and the founder of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. Through her company she raises awareness on the benefits of vaginal steaming, makes supplies accessible, conducts research and trains practitioners. Keli is the author of the Vaginal Steam World Map, Pelvic Steam Testimonial Database, Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam Study and Steamy Chick blog. Some of her notable work includes executive producing the Hot & Steamy Podcast, creating the annual #steamyaugust Vaginal Steam Awareness Month and an upcoming documentary film with the working title STEAM. With over 20 years experience in the nonprofit field, Keli also serves as the founder and president of the Bahia Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to artistic, cultural, physical, educational and financial community wellness as well as the founder of the Good Gynecology Project.


What She Shares

  • Steaming impact on postpartum, infertility, and for all cycles
  • Centering cycles and uterus for overall health
  • Inadequate medical care for women
  • Creating mother culture



Website: www.steamychick.com

IG: @steamychick 


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