EP 182: Introducing MotherCircle Facilitator Training with Jessica Connolly


In this episode, Kimberly announces the opening of the first ever MotherCircle Facilitator training. She is interviewed by Jessica Connolly, a circle facilitator working with Kimberly to bring this 8 year long vision into the world. Kimberly shares about how the current structures do not support the deep longing we have to mother and be mothered in real community, and how concentric circles of mothers supporting mothers in this way creates a pathway of wisdom and support that impacts generations The MotherCircle Facilitator training equips women to create, strengthen and lead circles of mothers in their in person or online communities. Participants will learn the facilitation skills to lead groups in circle, as well as receive certification and a comprehensive 8 week curriculum to use for paid or unpaid offerings. We begin May 3rd.

The 9 week MotherCircle Facilitator training is now open for enrollment at a one time founders rate until March 12th.


Who the MotherCircle Facilitator training is for:

  • Birth workers: Midwives, birth and postpartum doulas, OBGYNs, Lactation consultants L&D nurses
  • Childbirth educators
  • Prenatal and postpartum yoga teachers
  • Women’s circle leaders
  • Somatic therapists
  • Mothers who want to build community and gather around meaningful topics and motherhood wisdom
  • Mothers who want to create a paid Mother Circle offering as a stand-alone business or within their current business


At the end of this training, you will:

  • Have greater confidence to lead groups both in person and online
  • Have training in the facilitation skills you’ll need to hold a group environment while tending to the individuals within it
  • Understand the components of ceremony and know how to facilitate a ceremonial experience
  • Understand the difference between teaching and facilitation
  • Know how to contain a group when things get off track
  • Know the foundational principles of the arc of the motherhood journey
  • Receive an 8 week holistic mothercentric curriculum that you can use personally or professionally
  • Be ready and have a plan to lead your first MotherCircle

Go to www.mothercircle.com to become part of the MotherCircle Facilitator founding community!