EP 166: Activate Your Inner Jaguar Alumni Round Table

In this collection of testimonials, Jaguar course alumni speak about how the Jaguar work and community have supported their journey of healing trauma and widening their capacity to actively and presently engage with life. As Kimberly and her team prepare for the next round of Jaguar, this testimony speaks beautifully to the type of experience you might find in the upcoming 4-week course “Activate Your Inner Jaguar Foundations.”

In this episode, you meet three dynamic Jaguar women: Audrey Holst, Tori Miller, and Nicole Siegel. Each of these women talks about specific before and after experiences that intersected with their Jaguar work.

Here is some of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Jaguar shows up as full-life shifts
  • We can’t think our way to something different
  • Jaguar work is approachable and doable when taken in as small bites on a regular basis
  • Her dominant story in the past, “Nothing bothers me” she realizes now, is more about resignation
  • The accumulation of reclamations of space and time is hugely important to her
  • The embodiment of panic is shifting when she rock-climbs. When in moments of stress, staying conscious and present is increasing
  • The bigger piece of this work is enjoying the things that she wants to enjoy in her life more fully
  • The Jaguar community aspect has been so important to her
  • After cancer treatment, Tori found herself struggling to be around others. Jaguar work helped her to re-engage with important people in her life
  • With innovative Jaguar practices, she continues to notice new things in her body, after having ignored it for so long, due to chronic pain
  • Having Ehlers-Danlos has caused proprioception issues. Jaguar work has helped Tori rediscover a new grounding in her body
  • Tori loves how Kimberly talks about healthy sympathetic charge, even adrenaline responses.  When she accepted this in her system, it calmed down more quickly, leaving behind a constant state of fight or flight
  • Tori is more hopeful about her health and that her own body can help with her healing
  • Dancing never felt good with Ehlers-Danlos: balance issues, pain, coordination, self-consciousness. Now she dances all of the time, even in public

To sign up for the Foundation Edition of Activate Your Inner Jaguar that begins September 6th, or to read more about the course and about what other women are saying about Activate your Inner Jaguar, go to https://kimberlyannjohnson.com/sessions/.