EP 161: Activate Your Inner Jaguar Alumni Round Table


In this collection of testimonials, Jaguar course alumni speak about how the Jaguar work and community have supported their journey of healing trauma and widening their capacity to actively and presently engage with life. As Kimberly and her team prepare for the next round of Jaguar, this testimony speaks beautifully to the type of experience you might find in the upcoming 6-week course “Activate Your Inner Jaguar – Somatic Healing Through Movement.”

To sign up for the Movement Edition of Activate Your Inner Jaguar that begins July 12, or to read more about the course and about what other women are saying about Activate your Inner Jaguar go to kimberlyannjohnson.com/jaguar-moves.


Kimberly Chan Ko is from Southern California. Mother of a  2 year old girl and 8 year old puppy son, She is an Ophthalmologist who now enjoys teaching physicians how to start ketamine infusion clinics and content marketing. We will hear about Kimberly’s discovery of how societal programming and cultural pressures influenced many of her life desisicions — ones that were based out of fear.  Her newly discovered sense of grounding and assertiveness has affected her decision making, which now comes more from her gut and is less about people pleasing.

Nadia was born and raised in Russia, and lived her adult years in the US, Costa Rica and Thailand. She is currently improvising her way out of a dark period of deconstruction into a more aligned, authentic version of self. On this journey that’s happening through the body, Nadia found in Kimberly’s work the kind of help and trustworthiness she’s been looking for.

Bianca Alana Bauer daughter of Silvia Veronica is a single parent of 2 and craft salon owner in Wichita Kansas. Bianca describes a transformational hair cut inspired by orientation work in Jaguar!  I hope you will enjoy indulging in her vivid descriptions of finding new-found pleasure with cooking in her kitchen, as much as I did.  It is a true sensory experience.