EP 131: Branding, Authenticity, and Assessing Privilege with Kathleen Shannon

In this episode, Kimberly and Kathleen discuss branding, identity, entrepreneurship, and privilege. Kathleen explains how her branding business came to be and her philosophy for how to brand oneself authentically. Kathleen describes her business, Braid Creative, and the Braid Method. Kimberly and Kathleen also discuss how to have difficult conversations around race, privilege, and capitalism as white women and entrepreneurs. Kathleen shares her expertise around branding and marketing to discuss tips of branding authentically as well as her perspective of recent politics through a marketing lens.



Kathleen Shannon is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Braid Creative, a branding agency for entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations. She is the author of “Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life On Your Own Terms” and created the Braid Method, a formula for personal business branding.


What They Share 

—The branding Braid Method

—How to brand authentically

—Navigating work and parenting responsibilities during COVID-19

—Interrogating privilege as a white woman entrepreneur


What You’ll Hear

—Describes founding branding agency with sister

—Started blogging about life as freelancer

—Forms repeatable methods for branding

—Articulating preferred forms of working style

—Branding for Kimberly’s work

—Creative processes in the in-between moments

—Trusting in collaboration with others during creative process

—Being vulnerable to criticism and feedback

—Became life-coach certified to be a entrepreneur

—Branding authentically to self

—Presenting aspirational self to dream clients

—Cohesiveness and authenticity in branding

—Working and schooling from home during COVID-19

—Running business with working mothers

—Navigating daily life with work schedules, school, and other responsibilities

—Money narratives in relation to white and class privilege

—Dismantling capitalism within places of power

—Anti-racism and branding work

—Marketing and politics

—White women holding unpolished conversations together regarding power and racism

—Lifetime commitment to equity and progress as white women

—Imperfection and discomfort in difficult conversations regarding power and privilege



website: braidcreative.com

IG: @andkathleen