EP 128: Doula Work as Spiritual, Sacred, and Community-Building with Haize Hawke


In this episode, Kimberly and Haize discuss Haize’s Get Rooted with Haize Doula Training, Haize’s experience as a doula and mentor, and birth work in relation to relationships, energy, and community-building. Haize describes her experience as a spiritual mentor and doula for birthing families and how her new doula training curriculum came to be. She also discusses how COVID-19 has impacted pregnant and birthing people, causing even more isolation and health risk factors. The pandemic in addition to Haize’s lifelong experiences have re-energized Haize in her trainings to focus on holding space, relationships, and community for birth workers, birthing families, and the community at large.



Haize Hawk is a certified doula, student midwife, spiritual counselor and community leader, mother, and offers full-spectrum doula care. She recently created and runs doula trainings based on her decades of experience in holding birth as spiritual, a rite of passage, and initiation for families. Get Rooted the Haize Way is Haize’s doula training that began as a pregnant people’s class and has developed into a full curriculum and certification for doulas and birth workers.


What They Share 

–Get Rooted with Haize Doula Training philosophy

–Importance of birth workers supporting one another

–Importance of birth workers supporting families energetically

–Impact of COVID-19 on pregnant and birthing people


What You’ll Hear

–Started group coaching for pregnant mothers

–Developed class as a doula training

–Doulas needing certification for hospitals during COVID-19

–Creating curriculum and certification for doula training

–Curriculum includes spiritual ancestry, masculine/feminine, herbology, nutrition, homeopathy and more

–Cohorts building community with each other

–Trainees doing inner work on themselves to prepare for birth work

–Understand importance of birth workers

–Importance of relationships between midwives, pediatricians, hospitals, doulas and all birth workers and support

–Birth workers showing solidarity for each other

–Protecting energy as birth workers

–Power-with vs. power-over

–Pregnant and birthing during COVID-19 increase in high risk factors

–Birth as a spiritual transformation to individual and family

–Maintains morning and evening routines as boundaries for time and access

–Turns to community for support and nourishment

–Self-replenishment as service for community

–Love as foundation of everything

–Recommendations to hold energy not place-holders

–Doula support as mutual energetic reciprocity

–Business of relationships, space-holding as energy in doula work

–Returning to origins of birth with relationships and space-holding



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