EP 121: Anatomy of Female Arousal for Every Reproductive Stage with Sheri Winston

In this episode, Sheri and Kimberly discuss female anatomy and arousal. Sheri shares that breathing, sound, and engagement of pelvic floor muscles enhance altered states of pleasure, similar to the experience of birth. Sheri shares the importance of how understanding female anatomy enhances arousal and the sexual experience in both child-bearing and post-menopausal years.



Sheri Winston is a wholistic sexuality teacher, award-winning author, and medical professional. Her celebrated books Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice share her medical knowledge in relation to sexuality. Additionally, her Wholistic Sexuality™ curriculum has over 50 classes covering subjects such as orgasmic abundance for men and women, integral genital anatomy, expanded arousal, sex and relationship skills, and holistic sexual and women’s reproductive health.


What They Share 

  • Similarities between birth and sex
  • Female anatomy during arousal
  • Pleasure-driven sex
  • Post-menopause sex


What You’ll Hear

  • Path from midwife to sex educator
  • Birth and sex are integrated
  • Breath, sound, pelvic floor movement all contribute to both birth and sex
  • Same energy takes to have sex is same energy in birth
  • Healing trauma in pregnancy/childbearing years
  • Importance of support in pregnancy and parenting
  • Birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding as altered states
  • Breastfeeding as an antidepressant
  • Humans learned distrust of pleasure, appetites, and body knowledge, especially girls and women
  • Female reproductive anatomy
  • Female arousal anatomy largely ignored in medicine
  • Uterus involvement during orgasm
  • Women have network of structures of erectile tissue
  • Knowing all of the parts of erectile tissue and teaching partners
  • Pleasure-drive as reproductive evolutionary asset
  • Erogenous matrix of structures encourages conception and birth
  • Clitoris as jewel of the crown of pleasure network
  • Touch and contact to feel connected and safe
  • Create safety & connection for sexual arousal for women
  • Most female arousal takes 30-45 minutes for full arousal
  • Most heterosexual couples do 12 minutes of sexual activity
  • Premature penetration limits female arousal
  • Expanding amount of time of orgasms
  • Sex as journey of pleasure
  • Fear and anxiety are antidote to arousal and pleasure
  • Labor disruptions inhibiting altered state
  • Menopause, aging, and libido
  • Sheri’s struggle post-menopause with libido
  • Unilateral partner sex
  • Frequency vs. quality sex
  • Importance of time and space for desire and arousal
  • Taking pressure off of long-term partnerships for sex



Website: https://intimateartscenter.com/about/sheri-winston/