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Money & The Nervous System

Increase your Capacity to Earn, Save, and Handle Money

✨ Are you embarrassed to talk about money and fed up with late stage capitalism?

✨ Do the New Age edicts of abundance and limitlessness seem “off” or make you suspicious?

✨ Do you trade, undercharge, or give things away for free when you actually need the cash? 

It’s possible to get into right relationship with money. 

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You can do all the visualization, affirmations and rituals you want, but without a real world understanding of how your nervous system impacts your money relationship, not much will change.

For most women, MONEY is directly related to our felt sense of FREEDOM.

Many women are not getting the health care they need and staying in jobs or relationships, either consciously or unconsciously, because of money.

We have inherited scripts about how much money is okay to have, who should have it, and what “rich” and “poor” means to us.

We need to build our capacity to earn, save and handle money. 

And we can do it together.

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In this Free Class, You Will Learn:

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Kimberly Ann Johnson

Author, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kimberly Ann Johnson is the author of Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma: Awaken Our Own Power and Use It for Good (HarperWave, 2021). A full-time yoga teacher and Structural Integration practitioner for ten years, after having a baby, Kimberly has dedicated her work for the last ten years to women’s health, training yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and somatic practitioners and helping women heal from birth trauma, gynecological surgeries and sexual boundary violations.  

She is also the author of the early mothering classic, The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality (Shambhala, 2017) which has been translated into 8 languages.  She has ushered thousands of women into their full voices and sexual expression through her signature courses Activate Your Inner Jaguar, Forging a Feminine Path, and MotherCircle. She is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast.

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money & the nervous system testimonial 2