Forging A Feminine Path

An Embodied Conversation of Sexuality and Spirituality

This course is a chance to explore your sexuality for yourself.

What does that even mean? Who are your sexual selves? What’s underneath the surface?

As women, we are holding the collective fabric, the very psyche of our planet. There are some tears in the patchwork, and our stories can help to heal those holes.

Our work together here is to reclaim parts of ourselves that may have been left behind when we attempted to fit our curvy selves into some rigid boxes of what “spiritual” looks like, or “good” looks like.

This work is most powerful in a group, which is why I run this course.

This course will help you understand what stands in the way of your relationship with your own eros (which is also your prana and life force).

What’s blocking your eros is also standing in the way of your true path and essence.

When you recover your life force energy, you step onto your authentic path.