Activate Your Inner Jaguar: Sexuality and the Nervous System

A 9 week intensive with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Starts October 17th

It takes real magic and power to be a woman who owns her body and mind.

What if a deeper connection to who you are as a sexual being could bring you into deeper relationship with your purpose? 

What if you felt at ease talking about sex (your sexual selves, your history, your personal experiences)?

What if you could explore your authentic sexual self, free from the stories of your lineage, your mother, your father, the religion you were raised in?

What if you were genuinely connected with your sexuality and honored yourself deeply through your expression of it?

What if you were in touch with your feminine power?

This course takes you there.

We are living at a time when there are less and less rules around relating and sexual engagement.

Simple things like how to communicate (Text? Email? App? Telephone? In person?) have taken on all kinds of meaning and are rife for misunderstanding.

Many of us have less practice overall at being together after years of isolation.

Even within committed relationships, sexuality becomes complicated as we mature and have little idea of how to mature together.

We may know what we want or what we think we deserve sexually, but we don’t always have the tools, skills or guidance to get there.

What Women Say:

“I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this class. Wow. To say that this experience has been nothing short of life altering for me, would be an understatement. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Kimberly, you’ve done an amazing job of listening to all of us and helping to lead us out of the dark cracks of hidden shame and back into the light of day. Thank you for that.

There are many ways to peel an onion. During this class, I didn’t just peel off the thin, translucent layers of skin that I’ve plodded along in traditional therapy for years – I dug my fingers into the heart of the onion and ripped off an enormous chunk of shame and embarrassment and tossed it aside. Kimberly, I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping me do that. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know I have a lot more work to do and I’m actually looking forward to it.” 

At this time in history, as women, we can define or redefine our sexuality and relationships on our own terms…

Yet that comes with its own challenges, since we are rarely aware of everything that is tied up in the tangled knot of sex.

We have to unravel desire, touch, attachment, pleasure, play, companionship, and much more to touch into the truth of what we are seeking and know could be there. 

When we do, we become leaders in relationship and love because when practicing that presence, others are implicitly invited to join, learning through embodied example rather than moral imperatives. 

Without having to “teach” them, we show our boundaries, preferences and availability. And they are invited to do the same. 

We can unshame this sacred terrain, for ourselves and for each other, for our children, and for the generations to come.

This is a chance to join a community of fierce women committed to growing into a new archetype of woman who defines sex on her own terms


In this course, you will learn:

  • How female arousal works
  • Tools to become more erotically alive, with yourself and with others
  • How female nervous systems function and heal differently than male nervous systems do
  • What it means to claim your sexuality as your own, and become whole unto yourself (A Virgin)
  • How the nervous system has everything to do with the way that people are interacting with each other- both on and offline
  • Why healing your birth trauma + sexual trauma will directly impact your ability to stand your ground and speak your mind in conflict
  • Communication skills for what you want and don’t want in relationship and intimacy
  • How breathwork can be effectively used to calibrate, regulate and express your nervous system state
  • What forgiveness really means, what happens when we go there prematurely, and how to genuinely orchestrate repair.


$797 Regular Price

*3-month payment plan available at $270/month

Course Details:

Each week includes a live class, meditations, exercises, and discussion in our private Facebook forum.
Each month includes a Bonus Salon.
The course includes exclusive Women of Color classes and a unique Facebook group.

In this Course, you will:

Online Course Format:


October 17th – December 20th

Live Anchor Classes:
Tuesdays at 11 am PT | 2 pm ET

Women of Color Classes:
Wednesdays (Oct. 26th , Nov. 9th, Nov 23rd, and Dec 7th) at 11 am PT| 2 pm ET

Guest Teachers

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Devi Ward Erickson is the Founder of the Institute of Authentic Tantra
Education, the first and only government-accredited professional training institute using the Tibetan Five Element Tantric practices for holistic sexual healing. Devi is an ACS Certified Sexologist, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops for over 20 years.
Devi is an author and the Host of Sex is Medicine Podcast. She has been featured as a Tantric Healing Expert in over 30 different radio and television networks world-wide including Playboy Radio, Men’s Health Magazine, Ebony Magazine, CBS, NBC, Rogers TV, and the movie Sexology. In 2021, Devi was awarded the AASECT Live Web Series Award and was featured in VH1 “Couples Retreat”. This year alone, Devi has been featured as a Tantric Sex Expert in Cosmo Magazine two times and counting!

The goal of my work is twofold: to hold a deeply grounded, honest space for the people who get on my table to know and feel that they are whole, that are absolutely capable of transformation, and that they have total authority over their own experience - and then to meet them with the skill, subtlety, intuition, and courage to accurately read and explore with them the places in their bodies where they are asking for help. 

Whitney & Kevin Ullom

Whitney Ullom is a sex, love, and relationship coach, trauma resolution practitioner, and embodiment guide.
Working in the intersections of sex, trauma, creativity, and soul, Whitney supports women in feeling alive, connected, and empowered in their bodies, their sexuality, and the unique expression of their divine gifts.
She also works with couples looking to expand their intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

She offers 1:1 coaching, facilitates deep group journeys, and holds retreats.

Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston is a wholistic sexuality teacher, award-winning author, and medical professional. Her celebrated books Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice share her medical knowledge in relation to sexuality. Additionally, her Wholistic Sexuality™ curriculum has over 50 classes covering subjects such as orgasmic abundance for men and women, integral genital anatomy, expanded arousal, sex and relationship skills, and holistic sexual and women’s reproductive health.

Bonus Classes

Healing Trauma with Tibetan 5 Element Tantra with Devi Ward Erickson on Friday, November 4th

Jaguar for Relationships with Whitney Ullom + Kevin Oestenstad on Sunday, December 4th

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure with Sheri Winston on Tuesday, December 6th

Live Guided Mapping Sessions

Pelvic Mapping with Kimberly Ann Johnson on Saturday November 5th

Sexuality Salon with Kimberly Ann Johnson on Thursday, November 17th

Take Back the Speculum with Pam Samuelson on Saturday, November 19th

This course is for you if:

  • You know there’s something magical about sex, but you can’t seem to get there
  • You feel exhausted + worn down, lackluster for life
  • You’ve experimented with tantra or orgasmic meditation but found yourself overriding deeper cues and are having a hard time finding your way back to your organic impulses
  • You want a real sexual education about your body and your responses
  • You’re at a point of transition: motherhood, menopause, or a breakup, and you want to know yourself again
  • You want to strip away the layers of shame wrapped around your body, your sexuality, and sex
  • You feel rearranged sexually since becoming a mother
  • You feel confused about how to communicate what you desire, and often feel deeply disconnected during intimacy
  • You have a great life and a great partner—and a lame sex life
  • You want to do your own personal work so that you can teach your children about sex, the way you would have like to have been taught

What Women Are Saying:

 “This course has completely changed my relationship and perspective to my body. I wasn’t even aware of the parts of myself that I felt inadequate about until (for the first time at the age of 29) really learning about basic anatomy and function of female sex organs. My first reaction is gratitude and awe. My second was: why is this not standardized and taught to every human? I also feel so much more aware of my boundaries. How to really tune in to what my body is feeling and having WORDS to put around those feelings. I have been searching for these skills for a long time. It has made me feel strong. I am so grateful.”

Replay: How to Have Sex That Changes the World

Replay: Sensual Mother

Join this community of initiated women


Kimberly Ann Johnson

Author, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Structural Integration practitioner, postpartum advocate, retired yoga teacher and single mom. 

She is the author of Call of The Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, And Use It For Good (HarperWave, 2021) and the early mothering classic The Fourth Trimester: Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality (Shambhala, 2017) published in seven languages around the world.

For the past 12 years, she has been helping women recover from birth, gynecological surgeries and sexual boundary ruptures.

Her work has been featured on the Goop! podcast, The New York TimesForbesVogue, New York Magazine’s The CutHarper’s Bazaar, and many more. She is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast with 750,000 unique downloads.

Course Assistant

Emma Callaghan

Jaguar Women of Color facilitator, yoga & mindfulness instructor

Emma Callaghan has been teaching yoga and mindfulness practices for 18 years, but credits Somatic Experiencing and Kimberly’s Jaguar courses for helping her to unravel and heal racialized and inter-generational trauma.  After multiple rounds of Jaguar, Emma has gained a thorough understanding of her own nervous system and has been helping others to understand theirs. Emma has been supporting the Jaguar movement for the last year by facilitating affiliate classes for women of color in the course. Emma is studying Somatic Trauma Therapies and is available to all Jaguar alumni for support and connection should anyone need it one-on-one.

Claim your power.
Activate your inner jaguar.

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