Activate Your Inner Jaguar: Sexuality and the Nervous System



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Nervous System Foundations

Nervous System Foundations

A 4 Week Course on nervous system essentials for women

In a clear, succinct way, this 4-part course teaches you how to regulate your nervous system and how to develop more resiience in stressful situations.

This course covers the fundamentals of somatic experiencing tracking skills, how to move out of “what’s wrong” attention, and feel more at home in your body.

This course is foundational to any trauma work.

After this course, you won’t have to wonder or guess what state you’re in. You will know. 

If you’ve never done any Jaguar work or any somatic work, START HERE.

Breathwork & the Nervous System

Breathwork & the Nervous System

The focus of this class is our lived perception of the autonomic nervous system using breathwork as our axis point.

We will experience the states of the nervous system under threat- fit in, fawn, fight, flight and freeze- and use breathwork to help create more familiarity and fluidity with these states.

Using Rebirthing, WimHof, circular breathing, and yogic pranayama, we will explore the relationship between breathwork and trauma healing.

This bottom-up approach will get underneath the stories so that we can find more energy and resilience.

Limits & Boundaries

Limits & Boundaries

This course has extensive embodied practice on finding one’s own boundaries and effectively communicating them- verbally and physically.

For people to believe you and respect you, you need to coordinate your facial expressions, body language, vocal tone and posture. You can’t fake ferocity.

If you are highly sensitive, an empath, always “too nice,” or not sure what you need, this is the right course for you.

We cannot heal trauma until we have a place to land in the body. Each of these classes is designed to help you learn how to communicate “yes” and “no” in a way that your children, boss, boyfriend or partner listens to you.

Money & the Nervous System

Money & the Nervous System

This course is about developing a conscious, satisfying and realistic relationship to money.

This course helps you to identify your nervous system wiring around money and then leads you to change that, from the inside out.

You will learn why saving more isn’t always the answer and how that pattern of minimization is common for women and needs support to unwind.

You will learn how to emerge from avoidance, overwhelm and denial when it comes to earning, charging, and handling money.

You will examine your relationship to giving and receiving and have the opportunity to rewire your survival patterning, so that you can feel more confidence and capacity with money.

Birth Sex

with Kimberly
Ann Johnson